Serena prestige club plus terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions2


1. Program and General Terms and Conditions

2. Definitions

3. Program Membership

4. Reception & Use of the card

5. Cancellation Conditions & Procedures

6. Earning / Redeeming Prestige Points

7. Program Tiers

8. Errors and Retroactive Claims

10. Program Communication

11. Data Privacy Policy

12. Member Information


i. The Serena Prestige Loyalty Program has been created to enable the Prestige Club

members to benefit during their stay at Serena Hotels by participating in the Program

and when making purchases at any participating Serena properties.

ii. These Terms & Conditions govern the contractual relationship between Serena Hotels

and the Serena Prestige Club Members.

iii. The Serena Prestige Club (“the Club”) is a frequent guest program managed and

operated by the Serena Hotels.

iv. Serena Hotels reserves the right to grant or refuse Membership to the Club. Upon

successful enrolment, Members will receive their Membership Cards.

v. A membership number and a temporary membership card will be issued to newly

enrolled members.

vi. Membership is not transferable and may only be utilized by the Member.

vii. Membership Cards are property of the Serena Hotels and a fee may be charged for

replacing lost or damaged cards.

viii. Misuse of membership Card or Program benefits may result in immediate termination

or suspension of membership or withdrawal of benefits.

ix. Serena Hotels reserves the right to modify the Program structure, benefits and other

features including these terms & conditions or to terminate the Prestige Program at any time.


2.1 Guest: Person who has not yet accepted the Program’s General Terms and Conditions.

2.2 Member: A guest who has accepted the Program’s General Terms and Conditions.

2.3 Prestige Point (s): It represents a unit of value that corresponds to a monetary expense

by the Member at a hotel or participating properties in the program.

2.4 Point Scale: Monetary value of a Point.

2.5 Reclaim of Prestige Point(s): Credit following a claim by the Member or an error

on part of the Program.

2.6 Status: Membership level that defines a specific rate for earning Prestige Points as well

as advantages received at the hotel. The status depends on the frequency of stay (or the

monetary amounts spent at Serena Hotels by the Member) during a given period of time.

2.7 One Calendar Year: 12 months period of membership.

2.8 Transaction: The act of crediting or debiting points from a Member’s account.

2.9 Serena Prestige Club: Guest recognition program designed to offer exclusive benefits

when transacting within any of the participating Serena Hotels Globally.

2.10 Serena Participating Properties: These are properties that are owned and Managed

by Serena Hotels.


3.1 Membership, Enrollment and Termination

i. The Program is open to any person who is legally considered an adult in the country

in which he or she has the legal capacity to sign a contract. Minors are not legible to

participate in the Program.

ii. Serena Management, staff and directors, Tourism Promotion Services Group Companies,

are not legible to join the Program.

iii. Enrolment to the Membership in the Program is free, and the nominative Card is

strictly personal.

iv. The Card may not be lent or sold. The card does not constitute a means of payment.

v. Each Card shall bear the Member’s name, identification number, and the expiration

date of the Member’s current status (for Classic, Gold, and Platinum status levels)

vi. Each Member may only possess one Serena Prestige Club card.

vii. The Prestige card may only be used by the Member whose name is printed on the card.

viii. The Member is responsible for all operations to and from his or her account.

ix. Program Members accept that these General Terms and Conditions are subject to

modification, in whole or in part, at any time, and without notice.

x. Membership accounts which have been inactive for 12 months will be de-activated.

xi. Any member who commits a misconduct, engages in fraud, abuses prestige benefits

and awards and fails to adhere to these terms & conditions will have his/her membership

terminated. All of his/her benefits and privileges shall cease forthwith and Prestige Points

will become void immediately.

3.2 How to join the Program

At participating Serena Properties (Managed and Owned by Serena Hotels)

i. Guests may join the Prestige Club, by contacting the hotel’s reception desk at any

time during their stay or by filling in the membership registration form on the Serena

Prestige Club’s website.

ii. The Guest must provide the necessary information to join the Program in order to

obtain a Program Member number. Until the Member receives the Card, this number

must be presented to the participating Serena hotel in order to earn Prestige Points.

iii. Enrollment forms will not be processed unless all mandatory fields marked with

asterisks are completed correctly and signed. By signing the form, the member will

have accepted to comply with the terms & conditions on submission of enrolment form.

iv. An e-mail message is sent immediately to the new Member, confirming membership

in the Program.

v. The Member is then entitled to fully benefit from all Program-related services, including

access to the Serena Prestige Club’s website (checking the Prestige statement account,

special offers etc.), recognition by Serena sales centers when making reservations. The

new Member may connect to at any time.


4.1 The Card is sent to the Member after his or her first hotel stay(s) after joining the

Program. In order to take advantage of Program benefits, the Member must indicate

his or her Member number when making reservations and then present the card upon

check-in at any of the Serena property. The Member must respect these conditions in

order to be entitled to Program advantages.

• A Member of the Program may only cumulate benefits and points from the Serena

Prestige Program.

• The Member must present his or her card and/or Member number when making a

reservation and upon check-in at the property.

• Membership card must be presented during each stay and must be validated by a

hotel representative.

• Members may be required to present personal identification at check-in to verify


• The Member must not lend his or her card to any third-party. The membership card

is non-transferable and must be signed on the reverse on its receipt.

• The Member shall not commit fraud or attempt any fraudulent action to obtain points.

• If the card is lost or stolen, the Member must inform the program Administrator via

the Prestige Club contacts section on the website.


5.1. Cancellation by Member

• At any time, the Member may decide to cancel his or her membership in the program

by communicating in writing directly to the Prestige Club administrator stipulating his

or her desire to cancel. Membership cancellation means complete and total withdrawal

from the Program, thus permanently severing the existing relationship between The

Serena Prestige Club and the Member.

• This severance causes all data pertaining to the Member to be deleted from the

Prestige Club database, along with all points remaining in his or her account at the

time of cancellation.

5.2. Cancellation by the Administrator

Any use of the Prestige Club Card (thus of the Program) that does not comply with the

present General Terms and Conditions will be subject to appropriate administrative and

/or legal action. Serena Hotels has the right to take appropriate action including without

limitation, the immediate cancellation of the Card, benefits related to the Card, closing of

the Member’s account, and deletion of all accumulated Prestige Points, without entitling

the Member to claim any compensation of any kind.

5.3. Change in terms & Conditions

The Hotel reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions, point scale or any other

procedures relating to the program at any time with written notice. If the member continues

to use the membership card 90 days after the above mentioned alterations or changes,

the member is deemed to have accepted any such alterations or changes. If the member

does not accept the alterations or changes, then he/she may terminate the membership.

5.4. Validity of the membership

The membership card is valid for 3 years period for the Classic card. However for the

Gold and Platinum card the membership period is one year and thereafter is subject to

fulfillment of the terms & conditions as specified in clause 7.3 and 7.4.

5.5 Lapsed Accounts

Any membership account which remains dormant for twelve (12) months will deem to

have become inactive. Member may re-activate the lapsed account within the next two

years before expiry of the third year. If the account still remains dormant the membership

will be made permanently inactive.

5.6. Late Cancellation & No shows

Any use of the Prestige Club Card (thus of the Program) that does not comply with

the present General Terms and Conditions in reference to reservation bookings and

confirmations for the free room nights against the Rewards (points redemption) will be

subject to 100% deduction of the Prestige Points without prior notice for NO-SHOWS and

a percentage of the Points for late cancellation or cancellations depending on the season.


i. Prestige Points can be earned on all products & services of Serena Hotels except for


ii. Prestige Points can be redeemed against all products & services of Serena Hotels

except for Banquets.

iii. Prestige Points cannot be transferred to any person and may only be accumulated

and redeemed by the cardholder only.

iv. Bonus Prestige Points can be earned from specific offers sent to the members from

time to time.

v. For additional rooms booked by the member, Prestige Points shall only be awarded

if the member’s family occupies them and the member is personally staying at the time

in the hotel and settling account for all the rooms reserved.

vi. If two members share a room, 50% of the total Prestige Points due for the occupied

room shall be awarded to each member.

vii. Redeeming the Prestige Points against room nights:

• Advance reservations are required and member must indicate that the reservation

is against the Serena Prestige Club redemption.

• Rooms available for Serena Prestige Club redemptions are limited and may not be

available on the requested date. Members should plan and book their complimentary

room night redemptions well in advance to ensure the greatest possibility of securing

their preferred date.

• Reservations for complimentary stays are subject to room type availability at the

time of booking.

• Complimentary stays have no cash value and cannot be used in conjunction with

other promotional programs.

viii. Crediting of points into member’s respective account may take up to a maximum

of 7 working days.

ix. Prestige Points do not have any cash value. Lost or unused Prestige Points may not

be redeemed for any monetary amount whatsoever.

6.1 Monetary value of a Prestige Point on Earning

Prestige Club Members earn Prestige Points on the following basis:

One (1) Prestige Point = One (1) US Dollar or equivalent spent excluding taxes

6.2 Validity of Points

Prestige points are redeemable within a period of 3 years.

6.3 Earn points during an Eligible Stay

An “Eligible Stay” is one or more consecutive night(s) at the same Serena Property,

during which a member pays an Eligible Rate and presents the Prestige Member card

upon check in / check out

An “Eligible Rate” is the rate paid by member for the room but excludes:

(a) Employee rates

(b) Complimentary rooms

(c) City ledgers

(d) Duty crew room rates

(e) Special promotion rates ( unless otherwise specified)

6.4 Monetary value of a Prestige Point on Redemption

Prestige Club Member can redeem Prestige points on the following basis:

Prestige Points can be redeemed anywhere at Serena Properties at the rate of 1 Point

is equal to 10 US Cents.

6.5 Redeeming Prestige Points at all Serena Participating Properties

Reward Redemption

i. In order to qualify for a reward (a “Reward”), the Member must have sufficient points

in his or her account to redeem the Reward from the current Reward catalogue.

ii. It is the sole responsibility of Member to be informed about the Program and to request

the specific Rewards online via, or by E-mail address ( Asia) and (Africa )

iii. A Reward Confirmation, requested by the Member will be confirmed via E-mail

(Africa) and (Asia) E- mail or letter by the Prestige Club.

iv. Rewards may not be sold, auctioned, bartered, brokered, transferred or purchased.

Any Rewards obtained in this manner by any person or entity will be considered to have

been fraudulently obtained and will be deemed void if transferred for cash or for any

other consideration. Altered Reward Confirmations are void and will not be honored.

v. Rewards will not be replaced, reissued or credited if lost, stolen or otherwise destroyed.

Rewards for accommodation, refer to clause 5.6 under Late cancellations / No shows.

vi. Rewards are subject to availability and cannot be redeemed for cash, prizes or credit.

Rewards are not exchangeable.

vii. Accommodation rewards must be redeemed in accordance with the procedures

specified on the booking voucher.


7.1 The Program offer the Members Three (3) possible status levels based on the member’s

transactions in Serena’s Participating Properties. Program status levels are Classic, Gold

and Platinum. The Member’s status changes when he or she satisfies the conditions for

obtaining another level, as described below.

i. The entry level also known as Classic is the program’s base tier; it provides the member

opportunity to enjoy accruing points on his or her Stay, Food & Beverage spend amongst

other extraordinary experiences.

ii. To qualify for Gold Status, the member requires 4,000 Prestige Points in one calendar

year. On qualifying the criteria, member will be sent a new card, corresponding to the

new status level. To retain the said status, member will have to accrue 2,000 Prestige

Points in the following 12 month period. If the member does not meet the Gold Minimum

Requirement in the subsequent year, the Member will be downgraded to the Classic

level at the end of such calendar year, and will be issued a new card corresponding to

the level. The member’s previous card will work till the new card is activated through

the POS Terminal. Once the new card is activated all data from the previous card will

be transferred to the new card.

iii. To qualify for Platinum status the member requires 8,000 Prestige Points. On qualifying

the criteria, member will be sent a new card, corresponding to the new status level.

To retain the said status the member will have to accrue 4,000 Prestige Points, in the

subsequent year. If the member does not meet the Platinum Minimum Requirement the

Member will be downgraded to the Gold level at the end of such calendar year, and will

be issued a new card corresponding to the level. The member’s previous card will work

till the new card is activated through the POS Terminal. Once the new card is activated

all data from the previous card will be transferred to the new card.

7.2 Prestige Membership Benefits: Classic

A Classic Member earns 1 Prestige Point for every USD 1 spent excluding taxes on all

Eligible Charges incurred and paid for by the member at all Serena Participating Properties.

Over and above earning the Prestige Points the classic member will also enjoy the

following benefits each and every time they stay at Serena Properties:

i. Welcome VIP amenities

ii. Newspaper in the room (CHS only)

iii. Points accumulation on utilization of rooms and other hotel services

iv. Pay cash or redeem points

v. Member Exclusive offers

7.3 Prestige Membership Benefits: Gold

A Gold Member earns 1 Prestige Point for every USD 1 spent excluding taxes on all

Eligible Charges incurred and paid for by the member at all Serena Participating Properties.

As a Gold member, you earn an enviable position in the program, with the right to earn

more Prestige Points and access to a luxurious list of exclusive elite privileges.

To qualify for the Gold status one has to accumulate 4000 Prestige Points in one

calendar year.

A Gold member will enjoy the following benefits:

i. Welcome VIP amenities

ii. Newspaper in the room ( CHS only)

iii. Priority waitlist

iv. Points accumulation on utilization of rooms and other hotel services

v. Pay cash or redeem points

vi. Members Exclusive offers

vii. Late Check- out*

viii. Express check in

ix. Free WiFi (30 minutes per stay)*

*Subject to availability

7.4 Prestige Membership Benefits: Platinum

To qualify for the Platinum status one has to accumulate 8000 Prestige Points in one

calendar year.

A Platinum member will enjoy the following benefits.

i. Welcome VIP amenities

ii. Room upgrades to the higher room category*

iii. Newspaper in the room(CHS only)

iv. Free Spouse stay (CHS room only basis)

v. Priority waitlist

vi. Points accumulation on utilization of rooms and other hotel services

vii. Pay cash or redeem points

viii. Members Exclusive offers

ix. Early Check-in*

x. Late Check-out*

xi. Express check in

xii. Complimentary Parlor / Massage per stay (30 minutes)*

xiii. Welcome gift (Asia only)

xiv. Free WiFi (1 hour per stay) *

xv. Complimentary Bottle of House wine Red / White on arrival **

*Subject to availability

** Subject to Government laws


Earned Prestige Points

If the Member notices that his or her Prestige Points were not credited correctly within a

period of at least one (1) week following his or her hotel stay, the Member may request

that the account balance be adjusted within the next 7 working days of said stay (with

respect to the check-out date), by filling in the corresponding claim form in the Customer

Service section of the website, explaining purpose of the claim and submitting a copy

of the hotel invoice in question.

In order for the Member to be entitled to earn Prestige Points, the invoice corresponding

to the claim must imperatively be in (or include) name of the Prestige Member.


• The Member can access all information related to his or her membership in the Prestige

Program (including the current Prestige points balance) on the


• Any Prestige Member who joins the Program accepts to receive electronic communications

on the Program. If the Member no longer wishes to receive communication or E-mail from

the Program, he or she may cancel this option at any time without any other consequences.

• Any changes to E-mail or postal addresses, Member name, or any other relevant

membership information must be made by the Member directly in his or her Prestige

account via the website.


This is aligned with Serena Hotels Privacy Policy under on

personal information collected. The information collected during the registration process,

and related to the use of the Prestige card (Program), is subject to processing in order to

be able to handle the Member’s request appropriately, to provide the expected services,

and, if accepted by the Member, to send him or her information related to the Serena

Prestige Club. This information is handled by Serena Hotels, who is responsible for data

processing, as well as by its subsidiaries or providers qualified by Serena to manage

the Prestige program.

Membership in the Program implies the explicit and unconditional acceptance of these

General Terms and Conditions by the Member. The present General Terms and Conditions

supersede any previous texts on the subject. In case of a dispute between the Member and

Prestige Club, under Serena Hotels both parties agree to first seek out-of-court settlement.


All information and details related to the Prestige Program, in particular with respect

to additional services provided by the Serena participating hotels, member benefits,

and conditions related to the Prestige rewards, are provided on the serenaprestigeclub.

com website.

Program Availability and Termination

Serena Hotels reserves the right to restrict, suspend, discontinue or cancel any part of or the

entire Program upon thirty (30) days’ written notice posted on www.serenaprestigeclub.

com and sent to the electronic mailing address of all Active Members (the “Termination

Notice”). No claims for Prestige Points will be accepted after the date of the Termination

Notice. Any claims made but not approved by the date of the Termination Notice will

be deemed invalid and of no effect. Members may redeem earned Prestige Points for

Rewards up to one hundred and twenty (120) days after the date of the Termination

Notice. Prestige Points not redeemed within the said period will be forfeited.